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Our New Crossy Road Hack Tool

Have you been looking for a Crossy Road Hack that will help you get all those coins you so desperately want? Well look no further, because that tool is right here. This generator will allow you to enter the exact amount of coins you want, then show you how to get them effortlessly, allowing you to dominate in the game. Of course, these Crossy Road Cheats will never get patched, but just in case, you should act fast and grab the unlimited coins method now while it is still around! If you dont know, Crossy Road is a really addictive puzzle/adventure game, that allows you to play as multiple different characters that attempt to cross roads. It is a ton of fun, but getting premium resources can be difficult and obviously expensive. We understand this, and have taken steps to insure that you can get your premium resources with minimal effort utilizing our unique Crossy Road Cheats System. We have worked long and hard to bring a totally download-free platform to our community, with a much more user friendly interface that enables you all to use our Crossy Road hack tool with ease and get the resources you want. Some other features such as an "unlock all characters" mode have been added, but are still in beta mode. Obviously this cheat system will not work every single time, but we are constantly improving it and taking feedback to make sure it has as high of a success rate as possible. Check it out!

About Crossy Road

Crossy Road is a highly addictive game for ios and Android devices developed by Hipster Whale. The game is inspired by other similar games like Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Disco Zoo, Flappy Bird, Skylanders, Tiny Wings, FEZ and Frogger. The main goal of Crossy Road is to hop as far as you can across various terrain (roads, rivers etc.) without letting your character get hit by cars and trucks. There are a large number of characters you can unlock, which adds freshness and replayability to the game.

Recent Comments

Great tool for getting Coins! Makes the game more enjoyable.
Commented on 23th May 2015

Thanks for the crossy road cheats. Works really well with the new update
Commented on 18th May 2015

Didnt work for me the first time. Tried again and it worked like a charm. Thanks a lot!
Commented on 17th May 2015

Love the new characters I was able to unlock :D lol will use again forsure
Commented on 10th May 2015

this is a great crossy road hack that you have brought us here! thanks a lot
Commented on 8th May 2015